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Advertising Information: is one of the web's original marketing research organizations. We can advertise products over many domains, URLS and publishing companies. Because of our age and experience, we can help you excel. Our associates consistently rank at the top of searches for,,, as well as, other search engines.

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Websites For Holistic Doctors:
Advertising ads website marketing ...Information on holistic medicine, holistic doctors, holistic practitioners, complementary medicine, alternative medicine, including treatments, methods, ...

Internet Advertising, Marketing and Your Website:
Free information ...How to make the most of your advertising dollars and marketing budget on the internet and your website.

Website Hits, Traffic, Audience Share:
Advertising Metrics, Media ...Search engine optimization, hits, robots, crawlers, spiders, proxy servers, caches and caching, cookies, Java and scripting, unique viewers, ...

The Membrane Domain:
Reach audience traffic on the web to millions of viewers by ...The Membrane Domain was one of the first networks to serve the advertising community on the world wide web. How can I show up at the top of search results?

WWW.BRICELESS.COM - Briceless Is Priceless:
Directory of Resources for: Advertising, AdSense, Advertising Professionals, AdWords, Analytics, Base, Checkout, DoubleClick, Trends; Communication, ...

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Advertising, Internet Marketing, Ads for Listings and Properties For Sale....

Reaching the Greater Philadelphia Area is what we do!
Since 1994, has been interacting with advertisers and consumers. We've been serving Pennsylvania in forecasting and executing the most cost effective advertising. Viewers, audience, originality, privacy, accessibility, compliance, and experience at the right price.

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Implementing successful e-commerce business models since 1994, we can help you with all or part of your website design, architecture, hosting, marketing, traffic analysis, network security, and internet strategy. Our services include:. Website Design and Hosting, Internet Marketing, Advertising, Integrated Marketing, Searchable Database Websites, Multimedia and Motion Picture Production, Licensing and Distribution, Education and Support

Marketing Managment:
A business discipline focused on the practical application of marketing techniques

Internet Advertising Metrics & the Reality of Traffic Measurement Part I:
Original study from 1999. Prior to the existence of companies like Media Metrix and NetNielsen, we spent years trying to figure out how traditional media companies would attempt to count audiences and audience share.

Faults With Counting Internet & Website Traffic Part II:
There are huge sites inside corporations and universities, that transfer petabytes of data daily, and are not even mentioned by the net ratings Gods.

Hits & Traffic Part III:
It is recommended that rather than looking at traffic, you look at "how effective is the traffic?" That is to say, would you prefer to have 1,000,000 viewers with 0 sales, or 1 viewer that is converted into a sale? In the past year, 90% of my sales originated with a website. Of that 90%, all of these sales were closed through email. Instead of trying to count the millions of viewers, I found it much more rewarding to count the money.