Opple Topple Festival of Muaic and Arts

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Opple Topple 2011 (aka Double Topple) line-up and virtual appearences by:
New Kings Of Rhythm, Flux Capacitor, FiKus, Sage, The Tragics, Lemon Juice, Mike Tyler, The Tards, Ryan Vox and Avoiding The Angel (virtual), Dodds Duo Do Zep with the End!, Funk Church, Elizabeth Salvatico, Dirk Quinn Band, David Rowan, Simon Rowan, Grandma's Cookin', Michael Antosh, Rock Bottom, Counter Riot, Rev. LeRoy Montana, Halloween Project, Displaced Peoples, Rick Reinhart And The Cast Of Characters, The Good News, Elise Moureau, Christie Lenée, Sunflower and The Seeds, Shwizz, Tom Hartland Collective, Rolando Ramos, Meat Planet, Independence Drive, Jayar Bass, Galt Line, Bryan Cooper, Jacob Graff, Jason Raddatz, Rob Lytle, Chester Charles Band, Notorious Groove, Least Likely, Punkabillys (virtual), The Broozers, Groove Train Riders, Muscle Shoals Revival, Pete Kranz, Si Senorita, Local Dub, Rusty And Jan, Wynrise, Friascanb, Relative Matter, Judah Tribe, Stephen Dijoseph, Amy McHarg, Wandering Root, Phantasm, Tha Itis and The End


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Upon entry to the event, you enter at your own risk. No one can or will find anyone at fault who is involved in the event under any circumstances. There are activities that take place during our events that are sensitive in nature. When entering our events it is understood that you are under your own liability and can find no one at fault for anything what so ever that goes on during the event. All photos and media are owned by the above productions unless negotiated by the productions crew and written in a formal manner. Anyone who is pregnant or has any health disabilities should be warned that these are out door events and should come to our event prepared in every possible way. All sales are final even in inclement weather.

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