Raddatz and Brouse at the Lakehouse

Jason Raddatz — vocals, guitar
Daniel Brouse — vocals, guitar, keyboards

Recorded at the lakehouse in Central Pennsylvania

Bob Dylan Cover: Sara.mp3 4.7M
Bob Dylan Cover: The Ballad Of The Thin Man 6.0M
Bob Dylan Cover: It Ain’t Me Babe 3.6M
Beatles Cover: We Can Work It2.8M
Beatles Cover: Help .mp3 1.8M
Beatles Cover: Something .mp3 3.1M
Woody Guthrie Cover: This Land Is Your Land .mp3 987k
Woodie Guthrie Cover: This Land Is Your Land2.0M

An Original Folk Song .mp3 3.6M
Pink Floyd Cover The Wall Par 1 .mp3 14.7M

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