Bands, Artists and Repertoire

Halloween (Experiment)

New Kings Of Rhythm

Honey Bane

Rev. LeRoy Montana

Flux Capacitor


Seeds And The Sower

Lemon Juice

Dodds And Son

Phoenix Athena

Starzia Jazele



Eric Loos

Christie Lenée

The Tragics

Ryan Vox

Avoiding The Angel

Chester Charles Band

Displaced Peoples


Jason Raddatz

David Rowan

Simon Rowan

The Good News

Galt Line

Rob Lytle

Bryan Cooper

Sunflower and The Seeds


Tom Hartland Collective

Rolando Ramos

Meat Planet

Independence Drive

Jayar Bass

Dirk Quinn Band

Mike Tyler

Jacob Graff

Notorious Groove (R&B)

Punkabillys (Punk/Hillbilly)

The Broozers

Groove Train Riders

Muscle Shoals Revival

Pete Kranz

Matt Burke

Bryan Cooper

Si Senorita

Local Dub

Rob Lytle

Rusty And Jan

Relative Matter

Wandering Root

Tha Itis

The End